More Women Enter Fields Dominated By Men

More Women Enter Fields Dominated By Men

In the last decade, women have taken substantial steps into the world of organisational hierarchies and have entered many fields that men dominated. They have proved that women can have successful careers in work environments dominated by men and have results as good or even better than male employees. However, there are still some industries that are particularly challenging for women to enter. The reasons behind this are diverse, from active discrimination and biases in the hiring process to a sexist work culture. 

Still, people have begun to understand the advantages of hiring women, as they bring several benefits to a company, from a fresh perspective to increased loyalty and a better representation of a business. 


What Are The Male-Dominated Industries? 

There are some industries dominated by men with a huge discrepancy between male and female employees. For example, transport is still a sector that has a bigger male presence. However, there has been an increase in the number of female drivers, as this is an interesting career that gives females the advantages of great pay and the opportunity to see different parts of the world. 

Also, women are becoming professional chefs in important restaurants dominated by men. Women have always been recognized for their excellent cooking abilities, but they often cooked more at home, in the comfort of their grey gloss kitchen and not in a professional environment. 

Likewise, the tech sector has been male-oriented in the last few years, but now, several businesses are trying to encourage female applications. Manufacturing, agriculture, construction, water supply and energy are other fields that still have male stereotypes. 


What Are The Qualities Women Bring To Stereotypically Male Careers?

#1. Fresh perspective

Women and men have, in many cases, different ways of looking at a challenge or a project, but if a company has a predominantly male workforce, it is very likely to get similar approaches and ideas to work opportunities. So, it might be good to have a balance between people in a team to make the company more productive and influence an innovative environment. Listening to different perspectives can draw the line between a successful company and one that isn’t. 


#2. Talent acquisition

If companies are open to offering equal chances for both women and men, they will have plenty of advantages, including increasing their talent pool. Currently, job seekers don’t look just for a job that pays their bills but want to work with the best companies out there that are recognized for their positive work culture. If people see that a company has a diverse team and encourages all kinds of applications, not just from men, then top talent can be attracted.


#3. High profitability

Women can increase the profitability of a business, so if companies prioritise gender inclusion, then their businesses can thrive. The fact that there are fewer female employees in leadership positions is not because women lack important skills, as profitability shows something else. The truth is that women ignore job applications if they think they are underqualified and don’t meet 100% of the criteria. On the other hand, men still apply even if they are only 60% qualified for the jobs. 


#4. Employee loyalty

Statistically, women are more loyal than men regarding work, meaning they will commit themselves more to a role and stay within a company longer than men. This brings many advantages to a company, as it can enhance its reputation and minimise recruitment costs. So, hiring new women will reduce the stress of finding new suitable staff for a job.


#5. Company reputation

When a company only hires men, it gives the impression that there is no equality, which can damage the reputation of a business. Customers nowadays are interested if a company stands for good practices, but they might not trust the business if they see no equality. On the other hand, if a company is characterised by diversity and inclusion, the brand image will be enhanced, boosting sales. 


How Can Women Thrive In A Male-Dominated Space?

#1. Build confidence

Women tend to second-guess their actions and struggle with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Also, women are less likely to speak up for their opinions than men, which is not the best alternative when they work in a male-dominated environment. This is why it is important that women understand the advantages of building confidence and trust in their abilities. 


#2. Be a great communicator

Communication skills are very important for anyone who wishes to have a successful career. Effective communication is imperative for sharing ideas, transferring information, developing healthy relationships and building trust. This is even more important for women, as communication will help them set boundaries and negotiate effectively what they want and deserve. With good communication, there will be no room for misunderstanding, so everyone will better understand their responsibilities and rights. 


#3. Never stop learning

Development and constant learning are the best ways women can thrive in a male-dominated environment. Through continuous learning, women will broaden their perspective, fueling self-growth and increasing the chances of future employability. 

Women expanding their skills and gaining new knowledge are better equipped to adapt to a constantly changing market and find new opportunities wherever they go. 


In Conclusion

Hiring women will always be a positive action for businesses, individuals and entire industries. Women will bring plenty of advantages to a team, adding a fresh perspective and new ideas and increasing a company’s reputation. Also, businesses will benefit from enhanced loyalty, as women are more likely to remain in a company’s role longer than men. 

Also, if organisations have a company that stands for equality and good practices, their customers will see this fact and increase their trust. This will lead to better sales and give a competitive edge over other organisations in the same field. Additionally, a company’s equality will attract top talent, as anyone wants to work in an enterprise that respects human rights. 

More Women Enter Fields Dominated By Men_

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