5 Ways to Build a Solid Foundation Before Marriage

5 Ways to Build a Solid Foundation Before Marriage

Building a solid foundation before marriage requires a lot of work and effort in your relationship. People think of love as a big and strong factor that can hold two people together. But, even that act of loving another person, requires many other things. In this article, we’ve mentioned 5 important ways to build a solid foundation before marriage.


How to Build a Solid Foundation Before Marriage

Listed down below are the factors you need to have a strong foundation before marriage. 


#1. Commitment

Commitment means that you should be willing to stay with each other. In your relationship, there’ll be many ups and downs, which may come with compromises and sacrifices. Granted that your relationship makes you happy, you should have that commitment to stay with one another. 


#2. Openness

To have a successful marriage, you should be honest and open with your partner. You shouldn’t hide things from each other. Lies, dishonesty, and mistrust can ruin relationships easily. The relationship you have with your partner shouldn’t be based on these elements. 

Rather, you should have that space where you both can feel vulnerable, embarrassed even. It’s when you’ll talk about uncomfortable things that you’ll reach a comfortable point with one another. 


#3. Priority 

In order to build a solid foundation before marriage, you should prioritize each other. There may be days when you’ll be extremely busy or tired to even listen to them. Even on those days, you should try to talk to them. They’ll appreciate even five minutes of time that you’ll give them. 

Making each other a priority is essential because it would tell your partner that you’re that much important to them. 


#4. Listening   

In a relationship, you’ll need to listen to your partner patiently. They are talking to you about something that’s important to them, and you should listen to it with full attention. 

Here, too, think of those 5 minutes only that you spend listening to them even when you’re tired. This shows that you’re prioritizing them and also trying to understand their situation. 


#5. Resolutions

It’s only natural that you’ll have some arguments in your relationship. What’s important is how you both react to the argument and how you resolve conflicts. If you don’t talk about and resolve these issues, you could see a repetitive pattern of anger and disappointment. To avoid this cycle, you should both sit down and talk calmly about what went wrong. 


Tips to Build a Solid Foundation Before Marriage 

Here are some tips which will help you to have a better foundation before marriage. 


  • When you’re in a relationship, at first you may think about them all the time. You would want to talk to them the whole day. But, slowly you both start becoming a part of each other’s lives and start finding that comfortable space. This is where you should talk about your boundaries with each other. Tell your partner how you want to share things with them. Figure out how you can find time for each other. 


  • You both should talk about your feelings. If you don’t do that, there’s no way they’ll know what you felt. They may have known you for a long time, but still, it’s important to talk about your feelings when you feel them. 


  • To build a solid foundation before marriage, you should show them your love. In addition to that, you should talk about it. Everyone has a different love language. You should tell them how you show your love to them and ask them for the same thing. 


  • Lastly, you need to talk about your sex life too. Both of you may have fantasies and expectations. Acting on them is only possible when your partner is comfortable with them. Hence, you both need to discuss your likes, dislikes, and limitations. 



How Can I Make My Foundation Stronger For Marriage?

To make a stronger foundation before marriage, there are many factors that you’ve to remember. For having a strong married life, you’ve to know your partner very well. It means that you’ve to know about all their likes and dislikes. 

Usually, couples do all such things that their partners appreciate. But, they forget what they wouldn’t appreciate. This may happen involuntarily because you’d obviously want to make them even happier. This practice is good, but you should also refrain from doing such things that would bother them. 


What Is A Strong Marriage Foundation?

A strong marriage foundation is one where the partners have mutual respect for each other. Both of them are open with one another, and they can provide each other with the space to be vulnerable. 

In such a marriage, the couple is committed to working in the relationship. Their relationship would have many turns of events, but in the end, they’re committed to getting to a stronger point. 

This type of marriage isn’t based on lies or any sort of manipulation. Rather, if you want to have s strong marriage foundation, you’d trust each other completely. 


How Do You Build A Solid Relationship Foundation?

If you want to build a solid foundation before marriage, you have to talk about the way you love. The act of love isn’t just in the words “I love you.” It’s so much more than those three words. Everyone expresses their love in a different manner. The way you do it is unique to only you. So, you should tell your partner about it. Then, you may ask them for the same. 

This is important because you don’t want to wake up one day and wonder about the love they’ve for you. This can cause anxiety, and to put it to rest, you’ve to ask them about it. 


What Creates A Strong Foundation In A Relationship?

When you want to build a solid foundation before marriage, you should both be on the same page. There should be mutual trust, respect, feeling, and a level of understanding.

In your relationship, you should be able to tell them about your feelings. It doesn’t matter if you’ve some negative feelings or positive ones, you should tell them. They may not be able to help you fully. But in the end, what matters is that they should support you and listen to you.  


How Do You Know If Your Marriage Is Solid?

If you can openly communicate to your partner about anything, you’ll know that your marriage foundation is strong. It’s not only about what happened in your day but literally anything. For instance, you may talk about a deep-rooted trauma from your childhood or adult life with them. 

Upon listening to it, if they console you and tell you how it wasn’t your fault. You’ll know that your marriage is solid. And, it’s more than just the way they talk to you after it. It’s about how they react to the whole situation and how they physically act after it. 


In Conclusion

A relationship with the person you love takes so much to be called a solid relationship. In such a relationship, the couple feels comfortable with each other. This comfort isn’t just the physical comfort, but even the mental comfort. This means that talking to this person should give you some mental peace and satisfaction. 

To build a solid foundation before marriage, this is the type of relationship that you should’ve. Your relationship isn’t a perfect one. But, you should take the necessary steps to make it work and progress in a positive direction. 

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