What do we want?

Snazzy Women is a unique site in two respects. Firstly, we aren’t restricted to one or two categories but cover a wide variety of categories from Fashion and Beauty to Career and Financial Advice for Women- we like to write about it all. Search the site https://snazzywomen.com/ – You’ll discover what topics our readers enjoy and what we’ve already written on a topic. Make sure the article you pitch offers something our readers and editor hasn’t seen. Second, we have a very simple process to get your articles published. Send us an email and we will get you in touch with our editor to help you proceed further.

Let’s begin by talking about content length. We prefer content in the 1500 – 2000 word range. We will go up to 10,000 but rarely consider publishing anything longer than that. However, if you come up with something short yet brilliant, we won’t mind making an exception. Avoid going beneath 1200, since we can barely put any value in a piece that short.


As for the content itself:

  1. Content that inspires, educates, or motivates readers in some way. We like content that gets people off their couches and into the world of business or gets individuals to try something new to expand their limits or grow as humans.
  2. Content that provides insight. We like content that gives a deeper, more analytical look into current news and trends, ideally with some kind of actionable tip, even if that tip is something as simple as “keep an eye on this trend, it will be important later this year.”
  3. Content that comes with a distinct, unique message. You need to bring something of value to the table. Try to avoid content that has already been covered on the site. This is where personal experience, current events, and the conjunction of the two are excellent as fodder. If you’re writing something historical or very basic, you’re liable to be rejected. Remember; don’t just cover news, bring your unique perspective to that news.
  4. Content that provides actionable advice. This is a publication for highly motivated entrepreneurs and small business owners. Platitudes and motivational quotes are rarely good enough; you need specific tips or specific examples of how an entrepreneur can mimic your success or improve upon what you have done to avoid pitfalls or failures.
  5. Content that comes from trustworthy sources. If you cite quotes or information, studies or statistics, always make sure you’re citing from a primary source whenever possible. Additionally, make sure to vet the information for accuracy and statistical viability. A study of five people isn’t representative of all that much.
  6. Content that includes valuable links. When citing sources, make sure they add to the piece, not duplicate it. We like a few links, as long as they provide value. We prefer to link to other published content on our website.
  7. Make sure your article is error-free (we are very particular about certain things such as capitalization, terms, and punctuation).
  8. Submit original work. Work you didn’t write is not acceptable. Warmed over posts (something you published previously with just a few new tweaks added) are also unacceptable. (Know that we usually spot these, and they make us very, very unhappy).


Please don’t send plagiarized content – we take our work seriously and expect you to do the same. If we find a submission with over 2% plagiarism, we charge a fine of $50 and have the right to remove the article.


For your author profile:

Provide the following along with your article:

  • Submit a unique email address along with a short bio – no more than 140 characters.