12 Best Organic Beauty Brands Of 2022

12 Best Organic Beauty Brands Of 2022

If all you can think about during your skincare regime is whether the ingredients in the products you use are good for your skin or if this is all a big scam, is your beauty regime truly worth it? Beauty is synonymous with inner cleansing. While you look good, you should also be guilt-free. What looks good on you should also be good for your body. The best organic beauty brands are free from chemically synthesized products and instead use natural ingredients to support a healthy as well as a beautiful body. As a bonus, some cater to environmental awareness and make an effort to create products and brand presences that do not harm the planet. This makes them worth being named one of the best organic beauty brands. 

Products by all certified organic beauty brands are free from parabens, GMOs, PEGs and phthalates. Organic beauty brands also lack artificial flavours and fragrances thus reducing the consumer’s needless exposure to synthetic compounds that are not good for the body. 


Why Should You Choose Organic Beauty Brands? 

Organic beauty brands are the better option because they are friendlier to your body as well as the environment. The ingredients used in the production of organic beauty products are farmed naturally. This makes them rich in essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are free from synthetic chemicals that cause harmful side effects like allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Organic beauty brands show better commitment to their customers by going the extra mile and creating safer and healthier cosmetics and beauty products. 


How To Make Sure The Brands Are Truly Organic?

Many brands adopt labels like “all-natural”, “cruelty-free”, “paraben-free” and “organic” but in reality, they do not pertain to any of those qualities. You must ensure that the claims made by beauty products on their labels are true before buying them. FDA approval badge and recognition from standardization boards like COSMOS and ICEA and Ecocert can rightly ensure the validity of these claims. 

If you notice the mention of ingredients like mineral oils, alcohols, aluminium salts and phenoxyethanol in the ingredient list of the product, it is a clear indication that the product is neither organic nor natural. 


Top Three Organic Beauty Brands In 2022 

We have curated the best organic beauty brands of 2022 for you. Now you shall not have to surf through thousands of websites and fact-check promises made by beauty brands to buy organic beauty products. This is a one-stop-destination for everything organic and wonderful! These organic beauty brands are one of the best choices you can make for yourself.


  • Cocokind


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Cocokind is one of a kind. This organic beauty brand has created a skincare line that cares for more than just your skin. They apply a scientifically proven method of hydration and barrier support to improve your skin and actively make sure that you’re not leaving behind too much carbon- footprint from your choices.


  • RMS Beauty


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RMS Beauty boasts a huge range of cosmetic and skincare products. Established in 2009, they are one of the earliest clean- beauty initiatives. RMS Beauty uses coconut oil in most of its products and this has done wonders for many users across the globe, carving RMS a very loyal customer niche. 


  • Garden Of Wisdom


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Garden of Wisdom is one of the best organic beauty brands out there. This family-run skincare business manufactures its products keeping in mind the needs of its customers. Specially curated for a broad range of skin profiles, their magical products like the Dead Sea Clay Pack and salicylic acid (88%) powder are highly effective and aesthetically pleasing. 


Top Three Pocket-Friendly Organic Beauty Brands

Although traditional skincare products contain synthetic products that cause the skin more harm than good, they are admittedly pretty cheap. That is the main reason why people gravitate towards harmful options when it comes to beauty brands. But money is no reason to cause damage to your skin. Here are some of the most affordable organic beauty brands.


  • Meow Meow Tweet


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Meow Meow Tweet includes a diverse range of skincare products and comes at a very affordable price, ranging from $8-$30. The products are vegan and cruelty-free and each order supplies enough product to sustain you for more than a couple of months.  


  • Kora Organics


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Kora Organics has one of the most top-notch serums ( The fabulous Noni Night Resurfacing AHA serum) in the beauty industry. The products come in environmentally friendly packaging and look aesthetically pleasing too. Their products have a trial period too, to make sure they are exactly what you need before committing. 


  • One Love Organics


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They come in both lightweight and heavy formulas for the face as well as the body. You can buy the products of this organic beauty brand in both big as well as small bottles, according to what you need. Products by One Love Organics famously smell divine and look like they’re barely there on your skin. 


Top Three Indian Organic Beauty brands

India has a rich history of natural medical treatments and beauty therapy concoctions. Ayurveda is one of the world’s earliest organic beauty brands. The modern Indian beauty industry has begun to give up harmful chemicals and lean towards homegrown age-old beauty formulas. These are the best organic beauty brands in India and work wonders on your skin: 


  • Belle-Vita Organic


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Belle-Vita Organic recreates the ayurvedic system of skincare and beauty regimens. The organic beauty brand has a vast range of products which also include some cosmetics. Belle-Vita products are the perfect choice if you want a subtle glow on your face and want maximum skin health. 


  • Organic Harvest


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Organic Harvest has a range of products catering to the care of the body, face as well as hair. It has no trace of animal ingredients and thus is the ideal brand for vegan folks. All of its ingredients are cultivated organically without the use of chemical fertilizers. Say yes to a cruelty-free beauty routine!


  • Dear Earth


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Everything manufactured by Dear Earth is organic as well as vegan. The handcrafted products are chemical-free and also suitable for every skin type. It is as close as you can get to nature. The process of production, as well as packaging, is sustainable and planet-friendly.


Top Three Organic And Natural Makeup Brands 

So far, there are some easily available skincare lines by organic beauty brands. But organically made cosmetics and make-up products by organic beauty brands are hard to find. If you’re looking for organic make-up and cosmetic brands, these are the best ones. 


  • Tower- 28


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If you have sensitive or eczema-prone skin, this is the best makeup brand for you. Their ultra-gentle cosmetic range is equipped with highlight balms, facial sprays as well as lip gels that give you a soft dewy finish. What’s more? They have no fillers and no animal products. 


  • Merit


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Merit avoids over 1300 ingredients in their products. Products by Merit have a high amount of squalane and Vitamin B in them, which aid in hydrating and moisturizing respectively. A true propagator of minimalist beauty, Merit is the epitome of sustainable beauty.


  • Noyah


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Noyah is all about comfort, but that does not mean that it is not one of the best cosmetic brands that you’ll find. They manufacture lip products in a complete food-grade formula. They are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, preservative-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free. The bold colours range from matte red to pop pink and can make you look gorgeous in no time. 


How To Choose the Best Organic Beauty Brands For You? 

There are numerous organic beauty brands for you to choose from. What you opt to use should depend on your individual needs and demands. Most beauty brands have a vast range of products to choose from to suit a wider scope of audience base. So, if you have a favourite organic beauty brand, chances are they have some products manufactured especially with your needs kept in mind. There are a few basic tenets that you should keep in mind while choosing an organic beauty brand for yourself.


  • Affordability: You want the best for your skin but not at an exorbitant price. Because you are more likely to find the same product at a lower cost at another brand. Broadening your market scope by including online stores, web markets and physical stores may prove fruitful in your quest for affordability. 


  • Skin Profile: Many beauty brands have provisions for their customers to conduct skin profile trials. Everyone has a unique skin profile. What suits one skin profile might be counterproductive for another one. It is highly important to target your skin and find the best beauty brand that will make it glow. 


  • The Look You Need: Not every beauty brand provides the same type of look. While one beauty brand provides a metallic and bold touch on your skin, the other one on the table might provide a mild, cute and dewy effect. Experimenting at the initial stage can help you know more about what you desire or what simply looks the best on you. 


  • Your Dermatologist: Always consult with your dermatologist before putting anything on your skin. There might be new ingredients in your beauty products that do not agree with your skin. To prevent unforeseen hazards, consult your dermatologist before trying a new brand. 



Which Organic Beauty Brand Is Best?

Garden Of Wisdom is the best organic beauty brand. Their skincare products have a medicational quality and are targeted towards resolving the difficulties of various skin profiles and types. They sell unique beauty products like exotic butter. They do not use seaweed in their serums, which works wonders for sensitive skin types without triggering their acne. The 5% mandelic acid serum is one such wonderful product. Garden of Wisdom facilitates refilling services that prevent the manufacture of larger batches of containers. As a result, the process of production of beauty products becomes a bit more environmentally friendly. Their excellent customer service and family-run-business approach have contributed to Garden Of Wisdom being crowned the best organic beauty brand. 


Which Is The Best Natural Skincare Brand?

The market is concentrated on a variety of natural skincare brands. If you’re looking for the best natural skincare brand you should pay attention to the ingredients in the skincare products and the effectiveness the product. Vintner’s Daughter is a great natural skincare brand and is the pioneer of nutritional skincare. They are committed to sustainability and their products are cruelty-free. They make use of natural, organic or wildcrafted ingredients and 60 documented restorative nutrients while eliminating phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, and other toxins. Although Vintner’s Daughter products are a little costly, they are immediately effective and so worth it. 


Which Is The Best Organic Product For Your Face?

Your face deserves an elaborate skincare regimen. What it does not deserve is toxins in the name of skincare. You should always use organic, natural and toxin-free products on your face. Laurel Whole Plant Organics Unburden Serum is a Biodynamic certified face product that you need right now. Laurel doesn’t derive or extract ingredients from organic herbal growth. Instead, they use whole, raw and unrefined plants as an ingredient to ensure maximum benefit for the skin. There is no trace of organic solvent in this serum. It heals acne, soothes breakout-prone skin, decreases inflammation and addresses other skin problems like broken capillaries, sun damage, dry skin, and oily skin and enriches all skin types with much-needed nutrients. 


What Is The Most Trusted Skincare Brand?

100% Pure is the most trusted natural and organic skincare brand in existence. Their products have been certified and awarded numerous times. They have greater transparency about what ingredients are used in their products. They do not test products on animals and opt for vegan and plant-derived options for common non-ethical ingredients. Their makeup products are naturally pigmented instead of relying on synthetic dyes and heavy metal pigmentation. They have a vast range of products like natural sunscreens, organic home spa sets, hair care products, face and body makeup and fruit dried and pigmented natural makeup. Above all, 100% Pure has great after-sale service.


Which Cosmetic Brand Is Organic?

Ilia is the best organic cosmetic brand. They are cruelty-free, sustainable, organic and natural with clean ingredients and limited safe synthetics which increase the quality of the products. They are free of gluten, talc, sulfates and parabens. Ilia has great multipurpose products. The multi-use serums and illuminators provide a dewy look. Their innovative lip and cheek creams come in a vast spectrum of shades and are crafted on a new formula that allows the colour intensity to vary on application. This allows usage on both eyes, lips and cheeks which looks great. Ilia is a pioneer of minimalistic fashion and the multipurpose product range is pocket friendly as well as sustainable for the globe. 


In Conclusion 

We know you love to look good. But simultaneously, you also love to be healthy from within. Being beautiful shouldn’t come at a great cost to your body. To ensure that you look your best while not jeopardizing your health, choose an organic beauty brand the next time you are looking for something to wear on your skin. 

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